Prices for individual client pages begin at $75 dollars with discounts bringing the page cost down to less than $52 dollars per page (three page minimum). Deep discounts are available for larger orders which is especially useful for Realtors, Car Dealerships or Catalogs. We work primarily in Brevard County, but will consider neighboring counties such as Volusia, Indian River, Seminole, Orange, and Osceola if you need a service for at least 8 vehicle or 4 real estate photo pages (that's where deep discount prices begin).

Pricing - Merchandise Photo Page: Personal jewelry, Furniture, Large Appliances, even Yard sales ... Each individual page may contain 3 photos for one of up to 4 items to be displayed on that page -- OR -- one page with 6 photos for each of two items (12 pictures total) -- OR -- a single page with just one item and 12 photos for that one item. Everything is included ... Trip fee, Photo session, Photo editing for the internet, Creating the merchandise page layout, and even the online hosting for up to 60 days. All for only $75.00 dollars!

Double the merchandise order to receive a second page for only $45.00 dollars more! Triple the package (for 3 merchandise pages) to receive the entire triple combo with up to 12 items and 36 photos for the low package price of only $155.00 dollars. The 60 day hosting is renewable and very affordable!
Need an actual merchandise catalog for online selling? We can do that too, just ...

Legal disclaimer: Only deep discount packages qualify automatically for a free CD with viewable contents. All agreements are in writing! Appointments are required in advance! Appointment times once made, are guaranteed as long as no unforeseen acts of nature (such as hurricanes) or health (accident or death) prevent us from making the appointment. Some of our services require payment in full on the day of the photo session. If you decide to cancel after the photographer has already arrived on site for a previously agreed upon photo page or deep discount order, we're due 50% of the agreed upon full payment for that order because of the involved time, driving, and aggrevation! Cancellations must be made a minimum of 3 business days in advance! Proper business days are Monday through Friday. Weekend, i.e. Saturday or Sunday appointments must be cancelled no later than Tuesday afternoon of that week. Important notice to sellers: Unless contracted to create a sales or catalog website, we do not provide full-blown advertising service for merchandise. We do provide a photo page service with two descriptive text lines per photo page, on highly optimized client pages which are hosted up to 60 days on the internet as an additional tool to help sell products. All written ad contents such as descriptive text, client represented merchandise claims, and so on, are 100% the merchant's own responsibility! After original photos that we've taken are in the client's possession, all public postings (aside from our client pre-paid pages) on domains such as facebook,, craigslist, eBay, twitter, etc. become the client's full responsibility.
Sorry, but we do not create photo sales pages for hand guns! PhotoSavings supports gun control.
Extra 60 day page cycles for pre-existing individual pages are available for $10.00 dollars.

There are no refunds possible for completed work!

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